Mini House beds

  • Lars Hurdle house bed
  • Lars Basic house bed
  • Margareta Basic Duo house bed
  • Margareta Basic house bed
  • Margareta Hurdle house bed
  • Margareta Hurdle Duo house bed
  • Margareta Barrier house bed
  • Margareta Barrier Duo house bed
  • Lars Barrier house bed
  • Margareta Barrier Duo Plus house bed
  • Lars Hurdle Plus house bed
  • Lars Basic Plus house bed

Half House Shape Beds

We all want the best for our children. But what if we are struggling with enough space in the room? Our team suggests the best option for the parents who have limited space in their child’s room, but still want to get something special, very warm and inviting. 

Our mini house beds are designed with a half-house shape to be fit for smaller rooms. They have lovely whimsical shapes and still look marvellous. These beds are not only for the safe sleep of your child, but can perform as a perfect playground during day-time. 

The beds usually come with natural wood finish, which is very good and supportive for kid’s sensor learning, however you can go for another cover in a variety of colour options to better match to your needs and your little one’s room decor.   

Mini house beds thoroughly follow Montessori principles as you can purchase floor beds with zero cm ground clearance. Floor beds are absolutely brilliant safety-wise, eliminating the chances of serious damage even in case of fall out of the baby. If you want to purchase a new bed for an older child and falling-out is not the case anymore, you may wish to go for a higher ground clearance option and place a nice spacious drawer under the bed base. The drawer is a perfect means to keep things altogether and avoid buying other bulky pieces of furniture for organising additional storage. Besides storage the drawer can easily take another important role as it is very easy to place a mattress inside and use it as a trundle bed. 

Mini house beds are fun as well. You can decorate them with different fabrics or bulbs to add some more visual interest or use it as a magic playground with your little one. 

Our beds are hand-made of high quality solid wood, complementing the highest standards of the EU and all the materials used in the production process are absolutely safe for children.