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Teepee Beds

Tepee beds are undeniably one of the most stylish items in kid’s furniture, which encompass many useful aspects in one and make our life easy. Our Teepee Beds follow the Montessori approach. They lay on the floor, are easy to access for babies and provide freedom of movement for a child. Using these types of beds encourage children to define and get used to the sleeping routine more independently. As the beds are easily accessible and safe for kids, sleep procedures are also less supervised and encourage your little ones to be more independent, which is extremely important for their cognitive development.

Tepee beds are a perfect investment. They are multipurpose. As they are open from all sides, you can use them as a den or as a random sitting place, where they can rest or play different games. There are  options at our online store to buy a teepee bed with storage space. Buying this type of bed will save you quite a meaningful amount of costs on additional furniture for storage. Spacious drawer attached below is easy to fit another mattress in, so in case of new arrivals in the family, you have a ready-made second bed for another child. Besides that, these beds are good for any age because of their size. That will help you avoid buying new facilities once your little one outgrows the existing. Our solid wood teepees are very sturdy and durable and can be used even for teenagers.

Tepees often come with the natural colour of wood or beautiful snow white. Despite the fact that you can easily go for your favourite colour, the colour of natural wood or white adds a touch of cosiness and beauty to your child’s room. Because of their stylish extraordinary look, these beds fit in every kind of interior design and help you keep the things simple and clutter free.

Our mesmerising tepee beds are only a couple of cm off the ground, that prevents the serious damages even in case of fall out of the bed. If you take into consideration that all tepee beds on our website are made of safe materials for children according to the safety standards of the EU, then there is no doubt – these are one of the safest assets for your little one’s calm and comfortable sleep.