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  • Anders house bed
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House beds

If you are about to add some more magic in your little one’s lovely room, we are here to help you with our extraordinary, subtle design and absolutely amazing kid’s house beds. 

Wooden house beds are beds designed in a way to incorporate a house-like shape to provide an excellent safe space for your child’s sleep and play and create a unique cosy atmosphere in the room. 

Great colour options, a variety of cute geometric shapes and styles give you flexibility to easily blend the bed throughout already existing room interior settings. A range of house beds in our online store come in a variety of forms from Montessori floor beds to higher ground clearance beds with spacious drawers for storage. A floor toddler house bed provides independent movement for you little one. Easy access to entering and exiting a bed independently enhances a child's ability to start her/his own day without supervision of adults, while zero ground clearance guarantees safety of a child even in case of fall-out of the bed. 

If your little one is already out of toddler age and you feel a little bit more safe towards falls, you can go for the higher ground clearance variation which can come with an optional drawer. These types of beds give access to an additional storage space, which helps you keep things minimal and uncluttered in the room, avoiding to fill the space with bulky furniture for storing the things. As multifunctionality is one of the corner-stone of our furniture, these drawers offer you even greater possibility to use it as a trundle bed for the second child or for guests staying at your place overnight. Drawers are equipped with wheels for sliding and very easy to place a mattress in. 

In either case (with zero ground clearance or higher) the beds come with safety rails to minimise the risk of child fall out. The rails are removable most of the time and will be easy to reduce once there’s no more a risk of fall and you want to increase the access to the bed for your kid. 

Our house beds are extremely sturdy. Crafted out of solid wood, these beds guarantee durability. Depending on the size you go for, you can use them even until teenage. The materials used during production are absolutely safe for child use and meet the highest standards of the EU. 

House beds are very easy to assemble and require little effort and time by your side. If you do not feel you are handy you can always ask for help in the surroundings without purchasing a special assembly service. 

Buying our Wooden House Beds and decorating them with a few bulbs or colourful fabrics will definitely give your kiddo’s room a truly whimsical look, bringing your little one a mere joy and environment she/he loves to be in.