Classic beds

  • Affordable Scandinavian Bedroom For Kids and Toddlers
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  • White Bed For Kids & Toddlers
  • white bed for toddler
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  • Per Basic house bed
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  • Scandinavian Wooden bed for kids and toddlers
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  • Wooden Toddler Bed - Oak Finish
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  • Beautiful bed for little princess
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  • Trundle bed drawer
  • montessori Bed - Floor Bed
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  • Wooden Kids Bed
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  • Per Maxi Duo house bed
  • Frisk Montessori Floor Bed For Kids & Toddlers With Safety Rail | Solid Wood | SIngle | Double

Kids & toddler beds

Switching from a cot to a toddler bed can feel like a big change and timing the switch properly is a must. Mostly, toddlers make this change between the age of 18 months and 3 years old, but you can go for a toddler size bed from the age of zero. This will prevent your child from outgrowing the bed fast and help you avoid buying different pieces once in a while.  

Our wide range of kids&toddler’s beds can make your task easy. Rich colour variations, different shapes, lovely designs and functionality give you a great flexibility to choose the right bed for your child’s room. Trying to provide our customers with choices that are high quality thus affordable and absolutely safe for children, we offer beds made by quality materials crafted according to all EU safety standards and requirements. Our beds provide sturdiness and extreme durability allowing you to use them from the age of zero to teenage. The beds have additional means for child safety in rails and barriers, which are flexible to be removed once you feel there’s a need to increase an access to the bed for your child to boost her/his independence. 

Simplicity and minimalism are truly the most shared principles when talking about home furniture as well as functionality, principles that are adopted rigorously  while composing these beautiful beds for your toddler. Beautifully crafted wooden toddler beds are the best choice for your minimalistic room design, although they are fit for almost every kind of interior because of their simple yet splendid shapes and subtle colours. With lovely house or adventurous teepee shapes of our hand-made kid’s beds you can add an interesting visual to the room but still keep everything minimal, warm and cosy.  Most of the beds at our online store have timeless versatile design easily incorporating in almost any kind of interior design style.

Some of these beds come with spacious drawers or a single drawer creating great capacity to store all necessary items and still keep the room airy and uncluttered. The single drawer offers the possibility to place a mattress into it and re-invent it as another bed for the second child or for guests. 

We use solid wood for most of our toddler beds to guarantee quality and durable use. Natural wood finish creates a unique warm atmosphere throughout the room as well as giving a huge advantage for child’s sensor learning. Most of our beds are hand-made and unique by their designs and subtle geometric shapes. These lovely little beds can decorate any luxury room and match the most sophisticated tastes. 

If you decide to create an outstanding space for your little one or reshuffle an already existing room design, our online store is truly the right place to make a search.