About Us

Understanding the parents

If you’ve ever been an expectant parent you know the thrill of furnishing the child’s room. The task is a mixture of joy and anxiety. As a parent you want to buy only the best for your offspring.

At the same time, however, your budget may be limited – the nursery is not the only expense after all.

At Kiddi Rooms we know we’ve been there. And we care about the significance of having a baby. We understand the emotions, expectations and limitations very well. That’s why our mission is to provide our clients with optimally balanced design, safety profile and price.

With no premises to uphold, we are able to cut out the middleman, meaning we can pass on the savings direct to you as our prices consistently prove. And with direct relationships with leading manufacturers as well as more local suppliers, we are able to deliver you a range that will never disappoint.

Our team of industry experts know a thing or two not only about choosing superior items for the nursery and bedroom, but also about having a family. When we choose an item to sell, we choose it not only with a superior eye for the latest trends and determination that quality matters, but also with that special knowledge that being a parent undoubtedly brings.

Understanding the kids

After all this is not the parents who are the end user of the furniture. That’s why we understand the children quite well.

Every baby and child loves an adventure, and that same sense of freedom and expression means that each and every item that Kiddi Rooms sell has been chosen for their uniqueness and contemporary yet stylish charm.

In order to ensure that each and every one of our items will always exceed your expectations, many of the things that we sell are tested by the people that matter most - babies and children - so we know our items will be used, tested to the limit but most importantly, adored.

Now it’s your turn

Serious about contemporary nursery and bedroom style for your growing family? Congratulations on arriving at Kiddi Rooms  – your journey of furniture and accessory discovery has begun…